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Posted on Jul 12, 2020

Sharifov & Associates, PLLC

DRIVING WITH SUSPENDED REGISTRATION IS A CRIME IN NYS. Common scenario: The driver gets car insurance, pays for 1 month, & fails to make the next insurance payment. The driver either ignores or forgets about the warning letters from insurance & eventually, the insurance company notifies DMV of the lapse. DMV will notify the registered car owner that failure to resolve this issue will cause suspended registration. The owner fails to comply & DMV suspends registration of such vehicle. When this vehicle gets pulled over by police, they will check the validity of its registration. If it is suspended, the driver of such a car will get charged with a criminal offense – operating a motor vehicle with suspended registration (a crime) & will have to appear in criminal court. It does not matter if this driver is not the registered owner of this vehicle, the ticket will still be issued. In addition to charging the driver with VTL 512, the officer may issue additional charges. Many drivers are puzzled why “no registration”, “no inspection”, “no insurance” are being charged since they have it on the date when they got pulled over. However, the fact that DMV suspended vehicle registration automatically cancels its inspection. If it is alleged that registration was suspended due to an insurance lapse, police will also issue VTL 319.1–operating without insurance since an insurance card will not be accepted as its proof at the scene. Driving with suspended registration is a misdemeanor in NYS
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