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Posted on Mar 25, 2021

Sharifov & Associates, PLLC

JURY TRIAL IN CRIMINAL CASE. What is it and when does it take place? Jury trial (JT) is a process when a panel of 6 or 12 jurors decide facts & vote on a verdict. The jury panel listens to the evidence presented during trial, then decides what facts the evidence has established, & draws inferences from those facts in order to form the basis for the decision. JT may take place only if the matter has not been resolved in a plea bargaining between prosecution & defense or charges have not been dismissed. JT consists of the following: jury selection, opening statements, testimonies of prosecution’s witnesses & cross-examination by defense. After prosecution rest its case, defense can & should make motions to dismiss the case, then defense can present its own case consisting of its own witnesses which prosecution will cross examine. Then defense rests & both parties will make closing arguments. After this the court will charge the jury, the judge will explain the law and will give instructions to the jury on their duty and what they should do. After this the jury will begin its deliberations until they reach the verdict. Through the deliberation process, jury can request testimony of a witness to be read back or they can ask to see exhibits that were introduced during the trial or ask the judge to clarify the court’s instructions. If you have a criminal matter that can’t be resolved, contact our firm to analyze your case to determine if trial is a good option.
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